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"Tool Creep" Impacts Customer Satisfaction and Solution Costs

In software development, "feature creep" leads to bloated and clunky code that impairs functionality and performance. In IT Service Management/Assurance, "tool creep" has the same effect. Solutions evolve into a patchwork of isolated tools with increasing cost and complexity. Here’s the typical progression:

  • Customer and market demands continually drive new services enabled by IT processes
  • Tools are added as separate silos to support new services
  • Increasing complexity makes it difficult to manage and key metrics degrade: MTTR, MTTI, SLAs, etc.
  • Degrading metrics are leading indicators that customer satisfaction is jeopardized
  • Costs rise from the additional IT labor needed and maintenance/support of the patchwork of tools

The Solution: Tool Rationalization Optimizes Performance & Reduces TCO

Tool rationalization consolidates the patchwork to the ideal set of tools for the task. Key steps:

Document Solution

  • Functions currently performed: IT processes, automation, monitoring, and reporting
  • How is it being done: map functions to the current tool set

Produce Tool Strategy

  • Consolidate the solution to minimize feature duplication among tools while maximizing utilization of each individual tool
  • Quantify the TCO impact of changes, including the cost of the work needed for the recommended changes.
  • Tool strategy can include only existing tools or to evaluate advantages from introducing new tools.
  • If evaluating new tools, Softential develops criteria to evaluate vendor solutions; identifies vendors; issues RFPs/POCs, and evaluates vendor responses


  • Phased deployment roadmap of automation, custom integrations, monitoring, and reporting

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