Network Performance Management

Service Providers are all about scale and speed. The challenge is how to continuously scale your network infrastructure, implement new and converged services — all while maintaining performance and availability. To meet the scale and speed demands, you’ve deployed the latest generation tools and services from a wide range of vendors.

There’s the rub. Network performance management using legacy solutions has become as complex as the architecture.


Unique SevOne Solution: Distribute Monitoring, Centralize Control 

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Your solution architecture is the key to scale and speed. The SevOne Cluster™ architecture is the key to simplifying and centralizing control of complex IT environments.


The SevOne Cluster™ is a distributed, peer-to-peer, appliance-based technology where each appliance is a distributed collector, database, and centralized reporter. The proprietary next-gen distributed technology has linear scalability to millions of network elements. It monitors across all technologies and presents real-time results in a single pane of glass.

  • Easily scalable; simply add appliances

  • Vendor agnostic, monitor network components from any vendor
  • Real-time status of your entire network centralized on a single pane of glass

Key Benefits for Service Providers

Cost Effective to Deploy & Scale

The unique appliance-based architecture eliminates the usual “boil the ocean” deployments requirements of other monitoring solutions. You deploy only the number of appliances needed for your solution.

As your network and services grow, you simply add additional appliances to the distributed cluster. You can grow without limits and without agents.

Monitor 4G LTE and IMS Networks

Supports the order of magnitude increases in scale, real time visibility, and rapid response needed by wireless carriers transitioning to commercial LTE services.

Ensure Carrier Ethernet and Wireless Backhaul Performance

Scalable and comprehensive performance management solution allows cable MSOs and wireless carriers to manage and optimize network capacity while reducing backhaul expenditure and customer churn.


SevOne Service Provider Case Studies


The service infrastructure at Comcast encompasses fifteen technical service centers and thousands of network devices located throughout the country. Linking the performance data collected from those devices with the personnel responsible for their support was a significant challenge. Click to view/download case study.


“For the most part Knology has used open source tools for data collection, where we build static graphs and then let those tools run out onto the network and collect the data. That’s fairly easy to do with an open source application, but when you start looking at those same open source tools to help you dynamically collect data, synthesize trending in real time and then present an integrated, ‘one pane-of-glass’ map on the performance of customer circuits, it’s something open source is just not capable of doing.” Click to view/download case study.


Ritter Communications had been using a mix of monitoring tools that would only accomplish one or two objectives, and involved a lot of manual effort. The NOC team realized that in order to keep up with its growth, the team could no longer just ‘get by’. Click to view/download case study.


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