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We Put NYC on the Dashboard

The City of New York monitors and controls its entire IT service management solution with this dashboard.

We're the technology partner that put New York City on the dashboard, the Softential SmartView. SmartView is a solution architecture that applies our services to transform large scale IT complexity into decision-enabling simplicity.

The NYC Department of IT and Telecommunications (DoITT) wanted to consolidate and visualize a massive amount of information from a wide range of hardware, applications, and tools. Softential brought all of the pieces into single-pane visibility and control.

DoITT can now see the availability status of all their solution components. They also have a live view of changes as they occur.

And we took that a step further. Using COTS data queries pulling from their Incident and Change tools, we show real-time changes alongside recently completed changes, and planned changes. The result provides New York City 48-hour decision-making window.

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