Keeping the Lights On: ITSM in Action

Usually in this space, Softential sales folks write about how ITSM can help assure quality service delivery with an eye towards increased customer satisfaction. The sales side is fun. After all, we enjoy the challenge of integrating all the complex moving parts of today’s IT enterprise. But we’re all customers too! So, here’s an interesting anecdote whereby my electric utility’s commitment to service delivery saved my pets.

After a few years working locally in Atlanta, I've had to travel for business a good bit this year. I don’t mind it, but it leaves my wife to take care of my large fish tanks while I’m gone. Atlanta is not known for its brutal winters, but when we get hit with a winter storm, we get walloped! Ice is especially bad, as it weighs down the power lines and causes widespread outages.

While I was gone, an ice storm came through. I was very anxious because any long term outage could cause a complete loss of all my tanks. My power company helped to ease that anxiety with their real time, customer accessible power grid map. Although I couldn't help the situation any, it gave me piece of mind knowing that the lights were still on! During the entire storm, we never lost power once. I was beyond impressed.

And isn't customer satisfaction what ITSM is designed to drive? My electric company used the power of new smart grid components in combination with customer facing technological innovations to keep me happy and keep my pets safe!

Steven Reif