Hope is a Risky Defense

I recently read an article about a past data breach at a major retailer. The retailer had ample monitoring systems. In fact, their monitoring systems were generating over 150,000 alerts per day. The failure wasn’t lack of awareness, it was their inability to manage the alerts and identify which ones were security threats.

The picture painted was one of an organization helplessly drowning in a never-ending tide of alerts. It was impossible for the resources to resolve all of the alerts, so many were ignored and some were simply deleted based on the assumption they were not critical.

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a crisis to spur action and progress. The retailer engaged a new IT Service Management partner and deployed a solution to triage alerts and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

These are issues that I encounter every day as an Inside Sales Rep for an IT Service Management/Assurance solution provider. I have these discussions with retailers, financial companies, communications service providers, energy companies-- any organization that relies on IT to enable business processes.

My friends are shocked at the magnitude of alerts generated by enterprise-level IT at global companies. But, the real threat isn’t the number of alerts, which can be managed. The real threat is choosing to stay the course and hoping to elude disaster for another day. “Hope” is a risky defense.

Tom Ferrari

Business Development Manager


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