Event Management and Monitoring: Are They One In The Same?

As an ITSM/A solution provider, Event Management and Monitoring are core services in our offering portfolio. Some have the misconception that they are simply different terms for the same service.

Recently, that misconception arose in a client meeting and I was impressed with the clear distinction provided by our presales rep, Eric. 

He said, “Event Management is a process and monitoring is an activity in that process.” Then he put in in broader context. To paraphrase, ITSM/A is about ensuring that IT is reliable in enabling business functions. For example, the function of accepting a service order from a new customer and then delivering the service. That function has an Event Management process covering all the related activities and the process includes Monitoring to maintain awareness of the readiness state and health of the systems needed to complete the function.

After the meeting I told Eric that I liked his explanation. I guess he thought that I was ready for more detail and started going into the deep end of the ITIL pool. He suggested “ITIL Service Operation, Event Management Section 4.1.2 Scope” for further clarification on the parallels and delineations of Event Management and Monitoring.

Seriously Eric? I’ll stay in the shallow end of the pool where Event Management = Process and Monitoring = Activity.


Chase Turner

Director of Business Development