Functionality and Fit-for-Purpose Technology

Software vendors sell software products. At all times, in all discussions, software vendors have the goal to sell software products. Over time many of those companies have developed impressive software, and even suites of products.

Are all of the products in every suite equally impressive? No, and that's the subject for another time. Can every product be applied equally to every environment? No, nothing can be all things to all people.

Vendors that sell software products will, by necessity, always be kept at arm’s length by their clients; it's a matter of managing risk.

Over the course of many conversations ideas build inertia until they present solid forward movement. One such idea is that a lot of the Service Management and Service Assurance technology today has become sufficiently advanced that products are not easily distinguished from one another in execution of function. That idea is critical to move beyond conversations about technology and to conversations about solutions.

New technology will continue to disrupt the status quo for software vendors. The "big boys" are scrambling to keep up; nimble startups are nipping at their heels and in some cases dominating. Incident Management and Analytics are easy examples here of disruptive, innovative vendors taking disproportionate market share quickly.

Robust solutions that rely on providing functionality and fit-for-purpose technology which can abstract data and KPIs in a modular way from underlying software products: that's the goal. Creative people that can make those solutions work will always be in demand.

Cheers to Merriam-Webster:

so•lu•tion noun \sə-ˈlü-shən\

: something that is used or done to deal with and end a problem : something that solves a problem

: the act of solving something

: a correct answer to a problem, puzzle, etc.


Scott Lesley

Principal Consultant