Where Will IT Service Management/Assurance Go Next?

Since I work in the IT Service Management/Assurance space, I am very aware of its linkage to everyday occurrences and expansion into new areas.

This was highlighted when I read this blog sent from one of my colleagues. Subjects in the blog like mobile access and proactive customer service surface almost daily in my conversations with our customers.

And I notice the impact of these concepts as a consumer. For example, while walking through the airport in DC I received a notification from one of my favorite stores that it had a location in the concourse. IT Service Management/Assurance was working in the background automating the processes and monitoring the technology infrastructure that enabled that notification.

This type of mobile marketing will increase. Some of it unwanted spam, but much of it, like my airport notification, will be relevant and useful. Of course, everyone agrees that mobile, location-specific emergency notifications are valuable (weather, amber alerts, etc.). Again, all enabled by IT Service Management/Assurance.

Technology will continue to push into new frontiers and IT Service Management/Assurance will be a companion in the journey.

And my conversations with customers will continue to give me a view of what’s coming beyond the horizon….

Chase Turner

Director of Business Development