“We Have Too Many Tools” Is a Call for Rationalization

A little while back, I had the opportunity to attend a large industry trade show. For sure there was lots of glitz and glamour, but my favorite part was getting to talk to customers from all different sectors of business. I met with retail, utilities, banking, telco, and even a few foreign companies. Over the few days, one thing became abundantly clear:

“We have too many tools!” was the most common complaint.

For perspective, Wikipedia lists 56 different tools for just network monitoring alone.

And that’s just it. ITSM is about providing quality service, but that quality service is based on people, process, and product. If your people and process are stellar, but your tools are misaligned IT will be costly and inefficient.

If your IT enterprise is wondering how they got so many tools, or why these tools overlap so much, it’s time to re-evaluate. We call it tool rationalization, and it’s how we help cut through the noise and target what your team needs to provide customers with the service they demand. It may not be glitzy or glamorous, but having the right tools with the right staff is a winning combination.

Steven Reif