Bad News About Customer Service Travels Fast and Wide

A recent Zendesk research report stated that 95% of people will tell someone when they have a bad customer experience. Furthermore, customers with a bad experience were 50% more likely to air the details in social media even after confronting the provider.

It got me thinking about service providers and the difficulties that result from delivering less than expected service. It’s more than potentially losing just one customer from the incident.

I’ve learned a lot about customer service since starting my job at Softential. We plan, build, and run IT Service Management/Assurance solutions, which is all about using IT to deliver quality service as defined by customers.

If the right IT tools are in place and the NOC boards remain green, customers are typically happy with their service. If anything turns red, and trouble tickets are flashing in your face, customers are likely having issues that must be fixed very fast or you risk disappointed customers, negative publicity, or even losing customers. Nothing good will happen.

Many of those situations are preventable and almost all can be resolved quicker. That’s what I’ve learned at Softential. Service Management/Assurance technology can improve customer satisfaction and enable services to attract new customers. 

Check out some of our work at It speaks for itself!

Tom Ferrari

Business Development Manager

T: 570.590.1660