Social Media Takes Your Message to the Next Level

Nowadays, companies should have a social media strategy and hop on board with the social trends.  With over a billion people on Facebook, and a couple hundred million of tweets being sent out each day, companies struggling with their traditional prospecting and marketing approaches could really use certain websites to their advantage.

Once information is out there, people can retrieve it whenever they want.  The more companies get their name out there and promote themselves through social media, the more they will be able to reach a broader spectrum.  Sounds pretty simple.

The traditional outreach by emailing and cold calling techniques will not be lost, they are essential for business development.  But social media should be looked at as an augmentation to these traditional inside sales approaches.  If a company is willing to put themselves out there more, this will present more opportunities for potential clients to know the company name and recognize a logo.

NASCAR is a great example of a platform for advertising and promotion.  Social media webpages are like the NASCAR of the technology world and is a great means for extra advertising and can be used as a prospecting tool as well.


Tom Ferrari

Business Development Manager

T: 570.590.1660