The Future of IT Service Management/Assurance Is Personal

The future of IT Service Management/Assurance is always at the front of my mind. It’s what I do for a living, so our futures are intertwined.

So, I was very interested in this blog that was sent to me by one of my colleagues after talking about the subject (Link to blog).

Topics from the blog like mobile access, proactive customer service, and companies wanting to do more with what they have are all point that I hear every day in my business development calls. But the blog got me thinking about how these points cross over into my personal life.

For example, while walking through the airport in DC recently I received a notification from one of my favorite stores that there was a location near me in the airport.

Yes, we all hate spam, but this wasn’t spam to me. It was a company using technology to provide useful information to a loyal customer. It was my technology that supports the process.

The new generation of Service Management/Assurance impacts adverting/marketing and provides broader societal benefits. From promoting local events (festivals, concerts, dining, etc.) to providing local emergency notifications (weather, amber alerts, etc.). It will span across private, public, social, and business spaces to give them personal relevance to you.

So, think of me the next time you receive a message on your cellphone about “happy hour” starting at a pub around the corner. Better yet, send me an invite.

Chase Turner

Director of Business Development