Titles, Roles, and 20 Seconds to Get It Right

When I try to explain IT Service Management to folks that have nothing to do with technology, I simply say that it means delivering significant value to a company who needs help streamlining their operations and making efficient use of their tools. If they look confused after saying this, I add “deploying solutions to get the job done more efficiently, cut costs, and make real-time decisions.”

ITSM has such a large scale impact and entails so much that I sometimes forget to narrow it down to specific areas that are relevant to that particular person. People’s time is valuable and the biggest hurdle in business development is deciphering titles within an organization in “tech savvy” terms to understand the audience better.

ITSM is certainly not something someone can learn overnight. It takes a considerable amount of time to understand. People’s titles vary from company to company, the roles vary, and the technology is always changing. It’s a business development challenge to use that first 20 seconds of a conversation to align ITSM with what’s relevant to that person.

Tom Ferrari

Business Development Manager


T: 570.590.1660