Big Data is Dead, Long Live Predictive Analytics

A recent Forbes article took on the task of predicting the future of Business Intelligence for 2014 and made clear that “Big Data” will be dethroned as the King of IT.

Following is a quote from the article. “Companies that have declared, “We need a big data strategy!” and “Let’s throw money at it; it seems like a wise investment” are beginning to wonder (rightly), “Why are we collecting this data in the first place?” They are recognizing that they have put technology before the business case, and are now focusing on the business case.”

In the past few years I’ve witnessed my IT customers invest heavily in the processes, solutions, and people to manage the tsunami of data that is being collected. They have been data custodians. Now, they are under pressure to generate revenue from the IT investment and data.

The solution: Predictive Analytics. Predictive analytics uses the stored historical data to predict future events. Companies can benefit by preventing problems, narrow planning parameters and, prepare for opportunities.

I must admit that my company’s IT service management/assurance solutions contribute to the rising tide of data. But, we are also part of the predictive analytics solution that transforms the cost of big data into a strategic asset.

Predictive analytics is the new king.


Chase Turner

Director of Business Development