Do I Know ITIL? It Depends.

ITIL is a term I hear daily in conversations with clients and colleagues. So, I wanted a precise and comprehensive definition.

I asked one of our engineers what are some of the important processes that make up ITIL. He laughed and said “it depends”. Then, he provided the following. 

All ITIL processes are important and interconnected. “Most important” depends on the type of organization, services being offered, objectives, etc. For instance, a telecommunications service provider would most likely be interested in assuring high SLAs, therefore processes such as SL Management, availability management, and Continuity Management would most likely be top priorities. A Nuclear Power Plant focuses on safety, so management of event, incidents, and problems would be top priorities. 

Here’s what I learned: we utilize ITIL to address the specific and varying needs of vertical markets, industries, and companies. That’s what I need to know as an Inside Sales guy. We have 150+ brilliant engineers that I connect with clients and prospects when the conversation becomes technical. 

When conversations take a technical deep dive, can I follow? It depends. 

Chase Turner

Director of Business Development