An Inside Sales Rep’s Ode to Email

Today’s business world is fast paced, on the move, and people are rarely at their desk. Technology has allowed business professionals to work remotely from essentially anywhere (even airplanes, thank you GoGo). While cell phones, iPads, and hot spots have made business easier for some, these advances have made it more difficult for me as a cold-calling, get paid for meaningful conversations Inside Sales Rep.

First, let me distance myself from the stereotypical Inside Sales Rep of someone reading a script as they churn through hundreds of calls a day. The transformational improvements we make to Service Management/Assurance IT networks require C-level conversations. And the companies needing our services are typically $1+ billion in revenue. Churning through a list with a script won’t cut it.

So, a lot of our time is researching the company, how we can benefit their situation, and preparing relevant reference points. But, with everyone on the move (especially at the C-level), the odds of “catching” someone for a conversation are of a low probability. On a good day we see 3% pickup rate. So, how does the Inside Sales Rep get the message to the customer? Cue the Email.

A Google search yields the following definition for email:

A message distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network.

My Inside Sales Rep definition:

An unassuming, unprejudiced vessel with the sole purpose of transporting information between parties without preconceived notions of office hours and travel schedules.

A means to not only attract first time prospects, but to provide viable information specifically intended for that person resulting from research about their situation.

There have been countless times I have identified the right contact, made numerous calls, and left multiple voice mails. All with no response. Then one well-written email opened the lines of communication.

So, here’s an Inside Sales Rep’s ode to the email:

Oh busy IT exec, thou art elusive.

My calls go unanswered,

Voicemails are unheard.


My message will be of interest.

Many benefits to tell.

So, I forego other approaches

And pique your interest with a short email.


Jon Martin

Softential Director of Inside Sales (and poet extraordinaire)