What motivates CIOs to press on through Service Management fatigue?

Just read a blog on Service Management fatigue. It cited fatigue at the technology level (tools, complex landscape), people level (capacity challenges) and process level (portfolio, compliance). Then it discussed that the CIO is challenged as never before by the complexity in managing internal and external IT, evolving technology landscape (cloud computing, social computing, the mobile experience, datafication) and the pressure to increase competitiveness yet restrain costs.

The blog did provide some specific actions to address the fatigue situation, but what I found most interesting were the factors that motivate CIOs to keep moving forward. The most compelling were:

  • Customers are never 100% satisfied.
  • Only 10% of CIOs believe stakeholders are satisfied.
  • Change is a constant. The market changes. Which drives the business to change. Therefore, the IT organization, infrastructure, and portfolio must change.

The CIO must be vigilant to always have IT ready to meet evolving needs. I speak with a lot of companies as an Inside Sales Rep and those that show no signs of Service Management fatigue are always interested in learning about the latest technology and processes.

Makes sense to me: fresh is the antidote for fatigue. Fresh approaches to customer satisfaction. Fresh approaches to overcome the challenges presented by change. Fresh approaches to what gets you up every morning wanting to do your job.

Tom Ferrari

Business Development Manager


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