The Grand Unified Theory of Service Management/Assurance

I was unwinding from work with a few cold beers when I started thinking about ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and Six Sigma.

Looking back, it had to be divine guidance that placed these thoughts in my mind instead of the usual fantasies of “I’m a rock star” or “I’m dating a SI swimsuit model”. (I refuse to accept the mundane explanation that I hear ITIL and Six Sigma every day in my prospecting conversations as a Business Development Sales Rep.)

My epiphany began with the difference. ITIL is a framework or structure for delivering and supporting IT-based services. Six Sigma is a quality-management discipline to drive outcome improvements at reduced costs.

They have generally been mutually exclusive. ITIL is focused on measurable customer satisfaction and is the leading methodology for IT-oriented groups. Six Sigma is focused on quality and economic savings with origins in operations and manufacturing.

I foresaw a situation where their respective merits could be unified within the IT department to achieve the ultimate quality service management.

After another beer I adopted the attitude: I’m right and it’s up to you to prove me wrong.

Then it dawned on me. Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life in a fruitless effort to develop the grand unified theory. I unified ITIL and Six Sigma in about 3 beers.

So, I figure tonight I’ll open a fresh bottle of Jack and finish what Einstein started.

Chase Turner

Director of Business Development