The Power of a Demo

If you have a job that requires generating and cultivating leads, then you’ll empathetically and energetically nod at this statement: you have to find a way to create interest as the first step to creating a lead.

That’s not original, paradigm shifting, or a recent personal epiphany. It’s a simply fact of my daily life in Business Development. I use a variety of materials to create that interest: emails, solution briefs, white papers, case studies, and webinars.

I’ve found that a demo is the most successful at generating the type of interest that will lead to action. It can be a free trial demo downloaded from the website or a live demo environment that highlights some of the tools the prospect is considering for their company.

I am fortunate that my company, Softential, has made the investment to deploy our SmartView dashboard solution as a live demo. There are a few reasons this is so successful for the Business Development team:

  • The demo environment is a duplication of an actual in-production deployment at a global Fortune company (The only difference is that we do not use the company’s actual data values.)
  • The prospect experiences complete functionality. Seamless SSO access among applications, drill-down problem tracing, metric tracking, etc.
  • The demo stands alone in communicating the most important benefit of SmartView: integrating all the disparate IT applications and systems into single pane of glass visibility and control.

So, our SmartView demo is my best foot forward in that first step of creating interest in order to create a lead. Here are a couple of related items that may be of interest:

Chase Turner

Director of Business Development