There’s Always One Monkey That Climbs Higher

You have to read this article: How Change Can Make A Monkey Of Us All.

 I’ll bet you’ve seen the monkey beat-down behavior in the places where you’ve worked. (Of course, not at your current employer, which I’m sure is the model for civility and cooperation.)

 But, let me re-focus the attention from the group’s behavior to the one striving for more and better. In my world of IT Service Assurance/Management, there’s always a champion behind game-changing improvements. From my observations, the champion isn’t necessarily the most brilliant. Nor the most powerful on the organization chart.

 It’s a person with the courage of his/her convictions. The champion is attacked, but never takes it personally because some are instinctively resisting change. After all, business processes will change, automation tools will change, the IT landscape will change.

 The champion endures the monkey beat-downs because, in the end, outcomes will also change and the organization will move forward.

 I’ve witnessed a champion at the world’s largest beverage company overcome obstacles to give the company dashboard visibility and control of the entire service management solution. And the same for the City of New York which now has real-time data visualization of service status for every department (which affects every employee, business, and citizen in the city).

 So, monkey see, monkey do. But there’ll always be one who pushes us to do better.

 Chase Turner

Inside Account Manager