We Create ITSM Ecosystems

Recently, someone asked me for an elevator pitch on our services. Being a company that offers many different services and solutions, and having never thought about this before, I was at a loss as to how to break it all down to one simple concept. I was in the area of, "We install software that helps companies monitor their data." While that is part of it, I knew that that did not cover the breadth of our services. One day, during a sales meeting, it all seemed to fit. Sure, there are a million pieces along the road, but this diagram that I quickly sketched seemed to be a general idea of what it is that we do.

My thought is that we create an ITSM ecosystem for our clients. What would normally be a complex system, with many beginnings and ends, we try to make it as simplified as possible. Instead of spending hours fumbling through the chain of command to get to the right person to discover a problem with servers, networks, etc., we enable the client with the ability to see a bird's eye view of the whole ITSM infrastructure.

To sum it all up, we have three core services with three conduits through which these services communicate. The first is the data: an ever flowing stream of what is happening at the core of a system. That goes through smart infrastructure and analytics tools, which can be stored in the cloud. From the cloud, we get the consolidated results of the data in a more user-friendly manner. This information rains down into the more tangible interface for the client. Solutions, such as a dashboard, provide clients with tools that make the management of IT more tangible and manageable. From there, the information is used to help the technicians get to the problem, fix it, and resume the system, and that leads to new data, which can feed new reports. It all comes full circle.

Christian Krezdorn

Systems Engineer