Dorothy Boyd: Meet ServiceNow CEO Frank Slootman

I have watched the movie Jerry Maguire many times. I like the story and the characters. And there are some memorable lines. (How long did people use “Show me the money”?) The character Dorothy Boyd delivered one of my favorite lines: “I just want to be inspired.”

Dorothy, meet ServiceNow CEO Frank Slootman. In a keynote address and subsequent session with press and analysts, Slootman said that ServiceNow is the second largest software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider behind Salesforce and he's "looking forward to chasing them down".

He described this chase as the 1930s before World War II. Slootman said, "I always like to say its 1938 because in 1939 all hell broke loose, so a confrontation is brewing and growing between the companies.”

The language Slootman used in talking about other competitors includes:

  • “[Their] business is literally melting down to the absolute core, seriously. We have grown 28 quarters in a row and we've been feeding on [their] carcass.”
  • [Competitor A’s] business has shriveled up; [Competitor B’s] business has almost disappeared. I fear for their future, because we're going to drive a truck right through it, I mean they're dealing with products that are still Soviet Era software, nobody wants that.”

The reason that I like Dorothy’s “I just want to be inspired” line is because I feel the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my profession of Technology Marketing. And the company I work for, Softential, is the leader in cool IT service management/assurance services like tool rationalization, process optimization, and end-to-end dashboard solutions.

Slootman shows leaders how to leverage that into inspiration. Focus on what makes folks like me wake-up excited about going to work. Give me a clear vision, deliver in plain language, and show that passion is part of the battle.

Inspire me.


Barry Garrison

Director of Marketing