The Day the Earth Stood Still-- For 5 Minutes

The whole world knows that on 8.15.13 Google went dark. All Google properties went dark, including Gmail and YouTube.

Most folks have focused on the impact it had on a world grown dependent on Google. GoSquared, a company that tracks web traffic, noted a 40% drop in the number of internet page views. (GoSquared Link). Google is reported to have lost $545,000 in ad revenue (Link to Google Revenue Loss) and I’m sure it hurt Amazon, which reported a loss of $120,000 per minute when it went dark in North America.

But I work in ITSM (IT Service Management), so I also think of the DEFCON 1 situation in the IT group at Google. Intense doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

They’ll be a lot of talk about ITSM KPIs like Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) the problem and Mean Time to Restore Service (MTTRS). With sincere apologies to Obi-Wan, this is an area where it’s best to not just “Use the Force”.

Want to keep those MTTI and MTTRS KPIs to a minimum? It’s all about solution design and optimization, then data visualization. Identify and automate complex business processes, map dependencies for all the components, rationalize and optimize the tool selection for automation and monitoring, and deploy a ticketing system. Finally, integrate the entire solution into a single pane of glass ITSM dashboard.

How important is that dashboard step? Well, with the Softential ITSM dashboard architecture you can see and control the entire ITSM solution and drill-down to any problem area with the speed of SSO (single sign-on).

In my world, doing ITSM the right way is the equivalent of telling Gort: klaatu barada nikto. And we spare our clients from darkness.

Chase Turner

Inside Account Manager