The Right Road At Last

"Can you think of anything more permanently elating than to know that you are on the right road at last?" (Vernon Howard: American teacher, author, and philosopher.)

Vernon’s quote came to mind when thinking about the changes I’ve seen over the past six months in the ITSM market (ITSSM according to Gartner).

I have a “boots on the ground” sales perspective. For the past few years, I’ve been developing sales relationships with ITSM leaders of Fortune 500 companies. It’s a very diverse group. Many vertical markets. Different ITSM environments, vendors, and tools.

But, this diverse group has galvanized on one topic: the road forward. They’ve listened to Gartner, seen the results from other companies, and they’re talking with me about navigating all the obstacles in order to get on that road.

That road leads to a "single pane of glass" view into the critical workings of the company.

Engineers want a view into the multiple systems/tools they work with day-to-day and they want single-sign-on to alleviate the tediousness of repeated sign-in and -out.

Managers want a more efficient way to track metrics and provide reports to Executives, all provided automatically without detracting from their daily tasks.

Executives want a real-time single screen to verify that critical business applications/systems are in working order and they want to measure the operational efficiency of the company.

As mentioned before, there are obstacles to navigate in order to get on that road. That’s our specialty. We are expert guides in taking companies to that road: from preparing the foundation (process design, automation, tool rationalization) to integrating all the systems into dashboard visibility and control.

We’ve guided the largest global beverage company to that road. We put the City of New York on that road.

We’re working with other right now that will soon say, “We’re on the right road at last.”

Jon Martin

Softential Director of Inside Sales