They Ask Because of Past Disappointments

Knowledgeable prospects ask about our experience beyond the one or two software vendors that are most prevalent in the ITSM market. They ask because of past disappointments.

Our clients have global environments with a mix of toolsets reflecting the industry’s explosive, acquisition-based growth. When Softential began the journey in ITSM, our clients were reeling from the early 90’s; ITSM solutions comprised of every vendor and tool imaginable were everywhere. BMC, CA, HP, IBM and other major players bought some great solutions: Aprisma, Candle, Collation, Concord, Micromuse, and Peregrine. These and many others were retired or assimilated into daunting software portfolios. Some niche players like Cacti, MRTG, Nagios, and Solarwinds escaped acquisition and flourished; some continue to prosper.

The point of this product name-dropping?

As ITSM environments evolve into a varied toolset mix, the IT managers grow more resistant to change. This means that certain pieces of the solution become “sacred cows”; these pieces will not be changed despite the best efforts of zealous software vendors.

So, integration of new tools is intimidating and many solution providers can’t make it happen. That leads to disappointment, which results in the “what’s your experience” question.

Softential thrives on integration. We have vendor-certified engineers for the tools we work with regularly, but over the course of 15+ years and 200+ engagements, we’ve developed a deeper skill set to, as we say, "make all of these things play together nicely".

It's comforting to know that if we haven't built a specific integration before, we have the background and drive to make it work. It's all about getting rough data into the format you need - integrating data tokens from multiple systems like puzzle pieces to see the larger picture and how that affects operations and business.

That's the business of integration and we’ve been successful regardless of the number of different pieces in the puzzle.

Scott Lesley

Softential, Director of Technical Sales