“Why do we need so many different dashboards?”

That’s a question that was asked by a prospect during a meeting about ITSM dashboards. It’s a very good question.

The answer is: people in your company need data transformed into customized information based on the tasks they perform and the decisions they need to make.

The CIO doesn’t need (or want) the detail needed by the front-line folks. In addition, the CIO needs the information in a different context for a different level of decision-making. This graphic explains it well.

Make sense? Sure. But, the hard part is making it happen. At the enterprise level, it’s a staggering amount of data to collect, complicated processes to automate, diverse tools to integrate, just to list a few of the challenges.

But, the results of our Softential SmartBoard solution are truly transformational. It transforms an intimidating degree of IT complexity into dashboard simplicity. It transforms team performance and individual decision-making across the enterprise.

That’s why we’re so geeked-up about what we get to do every day. And why we welcome questions like the one I’m writing about in this blog. In fact, we added a section to our website addressing this question. Click here to visit the section and read a more detailed answer (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Or you can give me a call. A warning before you call: I’m not a Softential engineer; I’m a marketing guy, so you’ll be on the phone for a long time and placed on an email distribution list.