A Gartner Perspective on Real-Time Dashboards

I recently read an interesting article in Forbes by Gartner Analyst Daniel Yuen. He outlined trends in the IT world driven by business needs. One such trend: "By 2016, more than half of real-time business dashboards will provide a panoramic view that provides information from multiple sources."

I agree with Daniel when he says it is a shortcoming that "most real-time dashboards that are used to monitor business operations provide only a narrow keyhole view of situations. The visibility that they offer is limited to one application system or a single operational activity."

My first thought was, “Wow, our work at Softential is not just on the leading edge, we’re far beyond the curve”.

Right now, one of the largest beverage companies in the world uses Softential SmartBoard for single-pane visibility and control of IT systems across all of its business units.

My second thought was that I understand why most dashboard solutions provide only a keyhole view. It’s because the panoramic range of the dashboard view is dependent on having the design and integration skills to include other systems, applications, business units, etc. There is no plug and play dashboard for enterprise scale views. We’re one of the very few companies with the capabilities to design, automate, and integrate diverse systems across the entire enterprise into dashboard visibility and control.

Finally, the limited “keyhole view” of most dashboards explains why Softential SmartBoard is receiving such enthusiastic response from CIOs and IT Service Management Executives. They see the value of an enterprise-wide dashboard solution.

And they really see the value when we show them live demos of the global beverage company and others. That almost always leads to more discussions.

So, Daniel, great article. And great to know Softential is so far ahead in real-time dashboard trends.

Jon Martin

Softential Director of Inside Sales