Gartner Analyst Says You’re Right: Corporate IT Is Like Herding

At the Gartner IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit in Orlando last week the opening keynote was delivered by Donna Scott, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst. No, I didn’t insert the word “distinguished”; it’s a Gartner title thing. The word I’d use would be “insightful”.

That’s what inspired this blog: sharing an insight from Donna’s keynote. An overall theme in her address was that IT disruption and changes will continue. New solutions challenging the big, established vendors. Consumerization (Adoption of consumer-market technology; think iPhone & iPad). And shadow IT (Use of solutions without the approval, and often without the knowledge, of corporate IT; think DropBox, Facebook, even

Her pragmatic advice was: you can’t stop it, so find a way to deal with it. Then she used an analogy developed from her love of attending rodeos while living in Texas. It was: don’t try to rope and control each individual element; instead, manage it like a herd.

She introduced a matrix to guide the level of involvement from Corporate IT. The more impact on mission critical activities, the more involvement from IT. It looks something like this:

Gartner Blog.png

Now, this doesn’t relate directly to our core business at Softential: we design, integrate, and manage IT Service Management solutions. But, it’s sensible, actionable, and great thought leadership.

And I’m all into thought leadership. Sorry Donna, I’m not into rodeos, but I have done some barrel racing. The barrels were tapped, I had trouble staying in the saddle, and I was spurred to do some mighty stupid things. Yippee-ki-yay.

Barry Garrison

Softential Director of Marketing