Outsourcing “Your Mess for Less” Made Me Think

A speaker at a recent conference drew a vivid line between outsourcing companies and managed services providers (MSPs). He said the value proposition for outsourcing is: “your mess for less”. On the other hand, MSPs try to improve the situation.

Of course, I started thinking about our company, especially our AMS program. What elevates us above “outsourcing your mess for less”?

My first thoughts were about our experience in designing and integrating entire ITSM solutions. Proven processes and methodologies. Look beyond the applications we manage. Improve ROI for the entire solution. Enable better decision-making. Quarterly reviews. Free on-prem workshops.

And we drop a sizable chunk of cash for our client AMS Portal. (I can see our CEO nodding and reciting the numbers.) It’s a cool and very powerful tool. Intuitive interface, custom dashboards, monitoring, and tracking. Complete real-time visibility and control of your entire AMS program. (Hopefully, the CEO is smiling again.)

So, what did I learn? Yes, clients do save money using our AMS. But, they receive far more than “your mess for less”. (Now I’m nodding and smiling.)

Barry Garrison

Softential, Director of Marketing