Can You Start Your Car Without Keys?

Business Service Management saved our Company! Those are words you will most likely never hear. However, things you will hear are, I can't believe we weren't monitoring that or I never knew this KPI existed...why weren't we tracking it before, how many Applications do we have? A great deal of this comes down to process. So... can you start your car without the Keys? This is how I feel when we approach the Business Service Models within most companies. How do you expect to drive the BSM if you don't even know how it works?

When you have the experience of building hundreds of Business Models under your belt, you start to see a pattern. One of the patterns we see are huge monitoring gaps and lack of monitoring knowledge. You're probably thinking, what does monitoring have to do with me building a Business Service? If you just thought that, you're in over your head. In most places, the monitoring foundation is sketchy at best which leads us to Garbage in...Garbage out. If you just built a car and forgot the engine, would the car run? Think of Monitoring as the engine, you need a strong, solid, great performing engine if you really want that car to fly!

Monitoring doesn't have to be the first step in the process but it is most likely where we'll need to start. Whether it is taking count of devices, SNMP checks, ping tests, application discovery, asset validation, there must be a certainty once we're done that it's everything including the kitchen sink. You've just taken the first step toward a solid Model. Do you know what the other 9 steps are that we take and put it to work discovering and building Reputable Business Services in countless Companies and Organizations? Take a look, do you feel your organization is ready to move forward? Can you drive a Business Service today without flinching, or do you feel you've hopped in the driver's seat missing a (key) component?

Daniel Fisher

Business Service Management Professional