Is An IT Crisis the Only Way to Prevent Another IT Crisis?

In my world of IT Service Management, the head honchos of corporate IT speak enthusiastically about plans to deploy a robust, scalable, and visually transparent ITSM solution. They tell their internal and external customers that the solution will result in amazing SLA performance and will even proactively identify and adjust to negative events.

Then, around October the budget talks begin. The CEO and CFO are in control of the cards and, ultimately, the plan for the grand solution doesn’t get funded.

I’ve witnessed two things that change the game. The first is an IT crisis that severely impacts operations. No matter where you are in the budget cycle, funds will become available to correct the problem and prevent it from ever happening again. In recent outages, Google lost $109k/minute and Amazon $120k/minute. Do you think the next day brought a willingness to invest?

The second is proactively making a business case to influence the CEO and CFO. We do this for CIOs who are competing against projects from other departments for the limited amount of corporate funding. (In one case an internal video was produced as part of the ITSM solution presentation to the budget committee.)

In all modesty, we bring a lot to the game. We have experience in over 200 IT environments, which gives us broad experience translating ITSM into business value. So, give us a call if you want to build a business case for ITSM investment. We can definitely help.

It’s a heck of a lot better to be the victor of the budget battle rather than the survivor of a crisis.

Jon Martin

Softential Director of Inside Sales