It’s A Treat to Find the Trick of Dealing with IT Outages

With Halloween just around the corner, kids revel in being frightened by spooky ghosts and goblins. For the grown-ups in IT (Maybe older is a better description; many of us in IT never grow-up.) nothing is scarier than an unplanned outage.

The costs can be frightening– both in financial and human capital. That’s why there’s often a “war room” call, when all the technical departments convene to work the problem. Two universal truths about these calls: everyone on the call agrees that it’s an urgent issue and everyone contends that the cause lies with another team.

To an outsider, this might appear to be a case of irresponsibility. Based on my experience, the division isn’t rooted in irresponsibility; it’s the absence of visibility into the problem.

While most organizations have deployed monitoring tools for their IT service assurance solutions, they lack the ability to see a comprehensive, consolidated view between those tools. Commonly known as a ‘”Single Pane of Glass” or dashboard, it’s proven to be an indispensable triage tool. The insight provided by holistically visualizing management tools enables the IT team to very quickly connect and associate issues– things that take significant time in a war room approach. In a nutshell, a dashboard reduces Mean Time to Recovery by cutting through the static to help identify the root cause.

While a service assurance dashboard will not eliminate all outages, it will definitely make those war room calls much less aggravating. Everyone can view the same dashboard, see the same information, arrive at a conclusion, and agree on a course of action. The appropriate groups can stay on the line while everyone else can get back to work. (Or sleep! Those late night issues are particularly brutal.)

I’m proud to say that Softential has become the go-to provider for IT service assurance dashboards. We’ve deployed end-to-end visibility to some of the world’s largest companies and to one of the world’s largest cities- NYC.

Check out this video of the NYC dashboard. It’s not a trick; it’s a real treat. I promise.

Steven Reif