We Plan, Build, & Run ITSM/A Solutions

Softential provides end-to-end IT Service Management /Assurance solutions. We design and automate processes using industry frameworks, rationalize tools, integrate applications into dashboard solutions, and provide application management services.

Softential is unique in that our experience flows seamlessly across these areas. But, our engineers are what truly set us apart. They are, without a doubt, the brightest in the world. We have integrated and managed applications from all the major vendors (CA, BMC, IBM, etc.).

That says it all.

Softential SmartView ITSM/A Dashboard

 Custom integration architecture delivering single pane automation, monitoring, and control of your entire IT Service Management/Assurance solution. Click here for information on the solution and the live, interactive demo.

Click the image below to view a 3 minute video of the NYC Softential SmartView solution.